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#109 choosing a feeling of optimism

Nepalese man calls at workshop of small business, seeking work.  Small business owner changes his response and chooses a feeling of optimism in his offer to the man 

Yam approached my workshop on Sunday afternoon

Last Sunday, a Nepalese man called by my workshop seeking employment while i was working. My first comments were that it was going to be difficult to offer him anything, let alone a share of the decreasing work available at the moment. But something changed in that moment, i felt a sense of possibility of what i could do...

I suggested he return the at 10 am the following day... 

In the morning I put together a hamper, and some clothes...

As I could only spare $80 for wages, and I believe in a fair wage, that meant $20 for him and his wife for 2 hours, I put together a food hamper, a warm down jacket and some pants that i don't need. 

(I've heard that 30 percent of food, that the average consumer buys, is then discarded.)

Yam and his wife arrived on time and in good spirits

I welcomed them and offered some food but they were keen to get on with it. Yam and his wife performed the tasks that a small business owner rarely has time to do. Simple things like washing up, sweeping and mending. While they were working i took their photo and made a flyer with a testimonial for their great work and printed 50 copies for them to distribute... 

Again, as a matter of positive thinking, i gave them a 10 minute early mark and fed them lunch and explained that i thought this type of casual work is valuable and should be highly sought after... 

Yam & Manju 0403 704 296

Comments (3)

What an awesome way to improve your community!

That's great.  I reckon I'd feel a bit nervous, but I suppose, as you say choosing to be optimistic must liberate one from this learned fear of strangers.

Just reading about this experiment; I can feel the positivity flowing through me.  Thankyou.

Well done Chris!

Picture of user vaike neeme

oh, it brings a tear. good luck yam and manju! and good on you chris! how were their spirits afterwards?

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