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Social Capital - one pillar of resilience

I recently moved from one of the densest inner city communities to the burbs and the move has made me reflect on how place/geography determines our resilience.

Setting up a Live Local Group

Following a number of requests from mebers of the public, activists and social change leaders, I'm interested in hearing from anyone who'd be supportive of developing Live Local action groups in your neighbourhood?

Bees—sentinels of the environment

I recently completed the Natural Beekeeping course with Milkwood Permaculture. The course was delivered by Tim Malfroy of Malfroy's Gold  award winning second generation beekeeper.

Carbon tax is coming July 2012 - 10 ways to prepare now for a better future.

With the Gillard announcement today on carbon tax planned for a July 2012 launch, communities need to start preparing for economic and social impacts. Living Locally reduces your carbon footprint and wastefulness on fuel.

This tax is important for changing our economy from one of the world's dirtiest to one which is lean, clean and ready for the 21st century.

NSW Liberal land policy threatens Sydney's resilience and food security

The recent announcement on land grabs for development by NSW Liberal leader Barry O"Farrell tipped to be the next NSW Premier threatens Sydney's resilience and food security.

Heat stress and your neighbours

As mid summer heat waves continue across our capital cities it's important to consider the impacts on old and younger members of our community.

Take some time to check on your local neighbours and see how they are managing - many older people face a choice between energy for cooling and fresh food with many chossing to risk eating spoiled food rathwer than overheat.


Lessons from Katrina - don't rebuild Brisbane but re form

High respected recovery expert Professor Ed Blakely, adviser to the New Orleans Post Katrina recovery says there are real opportunities for Queensland to learn from other "catastrophes". Reflecting on Christchurch, Kobe and Katrina he identifies opportunities to improve neighbourhoods greening and future proofing.

Natural disasters + your local community

Governments shouldn't solely be relied on for emergency or recovery - communities should build their own response.

Release of Australian climate impact maps brings home reality for many

Yesterday the government released low resolution mapping of Australian coastal settlements identifying flood projections under three climate scenarios. The maps allow street level identification of flood projections. See here 

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